About SportsDoor

SportsDoor is a unique arena where you can connect and play with players around you, create events and invite players, locate nearby sports shops, book venues to play, make enquiry with sports academy and many more. Physical activity, community belonging, and spending time with nature are essential to healthy development; the best place to develop them is outside. SportsDoor opens the door for you to collaborate and keep be connected socially.

How It Works

Connect With Near by Players

Search and connect with near by players.

Book Near by Venues

Search and book your favourite venues.

Create a Events

Conduct a unique sports event.

Join & Play Events

Join and play events with your team.

SportsDoor Features


Sport Door enables you to search available coaching and training available in and around any location based on your preference and feasibility to learn.


SportsDoor has a wide range of data on all the sports shops available in all locations, You can locate the nearest one around you to grab anything you need.

Scorecard App

SportsDoor has a powerful scoring module which saves the hassles of maintaining a scoring paper. It helps the user to maintain scores easily with a single click.


SportsDoor provides a online marketplace where user can buy and sell sports related items locally. No need to visit the flea market to find the best deals on pre-owned items! Here you’ll find a wide selection of sports items.

Fantasy Game

Fantasy game is a strategy based online sports game where user create a virtual team of real players playing in real matches worldwide. User earn points based on the performances of these players in actual matches. User must pick their best team of 11 players from the teams playing on a given day and score higher than their opponents.


Posts are the little bits of content related to sports — like photos, videos or updates — that you share on your feed Page for others to see. Once the user post an update, it’ll be shared publicly or with their connections based on their settings.


SportsDoor give access to the user to search and connect with nearby available personal coaches / instructors based on the sports and location.


SportsDoor allows the user to chat with their connections privately, chat within their created groups, chat with players participated in the events.


As a SportsDoor app user, you'll gain access to exclusive discounts and offers from our sports partners. Enjoy discounted rates on booking venues, sports shopping, memberships, and more. Enhance your sports experience both on and off the field!

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Experience the ultimate sports community by downloading the SportsDoor app today! Connect with millions of players, join sports events, and play your favorite sports like never before. Simply visit your device's app store and search for 'SportsDoor' to download the app. Start exploring a world of sports opportunities at your fingertips. Join the SportsDoor community and unleash your sporting passion!

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