Content Management System

Content Management System

Sivacerulean Technologies(SCT) offers you CMS (Content management system) to manage your website without any knowledge or experience of web designing. Our CMS is cost-effective and user-friendly solutions in web site content management that enables you to easily update website content without any programming knowledge. We provide you with a simple browser based method to update your content as we separate your content from the layout, which makes YOU in charge of your own dynamic content for your web site, allowing you to make any changes Anywhere, at Anytime.

To do this our CMS is provided with admin control panel. User can enter this control panel and with easy use of interfaces provided to update and create webpage.

Steps to Manage CMS:

  • Login to your own Admin area
  • Click on the page you want to change or edit, add or change your text content
  • Once you have made the changes and your page is instantly updated.

This allows you to make instant changes to the website content without depending on a web developer to update your site. This helps in Saving valuable time and money.

The other added features of our web site content management solutions include:

  • No risk of accidentally damaging of your web site
  • Quick Response to customer demands for information.
  • No installation, maintenance or upgrades required by client.
  • CMS web page created will be search engine friendly.
  • Instant addition of hyperlinks, formatted text, images and email links possible.
  • Quick and easy browser publishing
  • Scalable and adaptive
  • Grows as your company grows
  • No HTML coding experience required
  • Similar to using Microsoft word editing tools
  • Multimedia and image handling
  • Search engine-friendly pages
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